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company news about Freeze drying techniques explain nutrition and health

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Hello lisa. This is Vincent. My new factory has been done and has installed the machine already. The washing and peeling machine has been put into use. It wash and peel the potato very well. I'm very happy about this purchase. I still need another machine and will talk with you when the condition is better.

—— Vincent

Hi Lisa. How are you? This is Digran and have received the frying machine. The continuous frying solution solves our purple potato chip frying process very well, much better than the normal deep fryer purple potato chip frying effect

—— Digran Ghanbarians

I have received the french fries production line. The machine works very well and I'm pruducing now. I taste the finished french fires and the taste is good. Now I sell well in my country. Hope can cooperate with you in the future. Thanks

—— Bellcim

Dear Lisa, Long time no see you. Hope not forget me, haha. My fruit washing production line has been used about 1 years. During this time, there is no any problem about the machine and the capacity is very high. I have expanded my buisness already because of your machine. Thanks so much

—— Francis

Dear Madam, The air drying machine is used to remove the water on the cabbage. It can remove the water very clearly. Hope for the next cooperation in the future

—— Lawrence

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Company News
Freeze drying techniques explain nutrition and health
Latest company news about Freeze drying techniques explain nutrition and health

In recent years, with the improvement of people's income level, the enhancement of people's concept of healthy diet, and the increasing demand for "her health" under the upgrading of consumption, healthy food has ushered in the development of "draught".


Data released recently at the Belt and Road China-Europe International Academic Forum on Science and Technology Development and the First International Forum on Food Nutrition, Health and Flavor Innovation showed that the output value of China's food industry grew by 16 percent in the first half of 2021, among which the output value of healthy food grew by more than 40 percent. As the positive effect of nutritious and healthy food on health is widely recognized, people's consumption demand for healthy food will be improved, and the scale of healthy food market will be further expanded.


The so-called health food, is a kind of food, its raw materials are mainly from natural plants and animals, through advanced production technology (in order not to destroy the raw material nutrients and active molecules), can give full play to the effect of ingredients of raw materials, so as to regulate human body function. Health food can be divided into nutritional supplement, health care, weight loss, auxiliary treatment and so on. Among them, nutrition supplement type, health care type health food and drink is more popular.


Low temperature freeze-drying technology has been widely used in foreign food and beverage processing industry, but began to be applied in domestic food industry in recent years. The freeze-drying technology has a short time, but its development momentum and potential are considerable in China. Low temperature freeze-drying technology can effectively maintain the original color, flavor and nutrient composition of fruits and vegetables and other food ingredients due to rapid freeze-drying of fruits and vegetables and other food ingredients under low temperature conditions, and the loss of original active substances of food ingredients is small, and the effective amount is easy to reach the standard.


At present, China's health food industry has not formed a systematic development framework, but is still in the exploratory period. On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the capacity building of scientific and technological innovation in the nutrition and health industry, and achieve nutrition and health of products through advanced technologies and technologies such as freeze-drying technology, and reach the standard in terms of molecular activity and efficacy. On the other hand, industry guidance, licensing access, market supervision and other levels of support for industrial development, to better promote the orderly, stable, high-quality development of the industry.

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