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company news about Calibration Specification for Freeze Dryer

China zhengzhou zhiyin Industrial Co., Ltd. certification
China zhengzhou zhiyin Industrial Co., Ltd. certification
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Hello lisa. This is Vincent. My new factory has been done and has installed the machine already. The washing and peeling machine has been put into use. It wash and peel the potato very well. I'm very happy about this purchase. I still need another machine and will talk with you when the condition is better.

—— Vincent

Hi Lisa. How are you? This is Digran and have received the frying machine. The continuous frying solution solves our purple potato chip frying process very well, much better than the normal deep fryer purple potato chip frying effect

—— Digran Ghanbarians

I have received the french fries production line. The machine works very well and I'm pruducing now. I taste the finished french fires and the taste is good. Now I sell well in my country. Hope can cooperate with you in the future. Thanks

—— Bellcim

Dear Lisa, Long time no see you. Hope not forget me, haha. My fruit washing production line has been used about 1 years. During this time, there is no any problem about the machine and the capacity is very high. I have expanded my buisness already because of your machine. Thanks so much

—— Francis

Dear Madam, The air drying machine is used to remove the water on the cabbage. It can remove the water very clearly. Hope for the next cooperation in the future

—— Lawrence

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Company News
Calibration Specification for Freeze Dryer
Latest company news about Calibration Specification for Freeze Dryer

The principle of freeze dryer is to make use of the sublimation principle, so that the water in the pre-frozen material, without ice melting, directly to ice sublimation as water vapor is removed, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. When drying at low temperature, the loss of some volatile components in the material is very small, the volume is almost unchanged, the original structure is maintained, there will be no concentration phenomenon, suitable for some chemical products, drugs and food drying. Therefore, its application is mainly used in biology, medicine, food, nutrition and health products and other fields. The freeze dryer system consists of refrigeration system, vacuum system, control system and circulation system.

Freeze-drying is a method of freezing water-bearing material into solid state and then sublimating the water from solid state to gas state to remove the water and preserve the material. Because the solid composition is supported by solid ice in its place, the biological and chemical structure and activity of the product are preserved.

Freeze-drying machine is widely used in the fields of medical and health, disease prevention and control, food hygiene, biopharmaceutical, environmental monitoring and various biological laboratories. Establish calibration specification for freeze dryer to improve drying speed and retain the integrity of biological and chemical structure and activity of samples.


Calibration environmental conditions:

1. Ambient temperature :(10 ~ 30)℃;

2. Relative humidity: ≤70%;

3. Others: Indoor should have good dustproof measures, instruments should be far away from vibration, electromagnetic interference.

Calibration equipment:

1. Calibration device: multimeter, minimum resolution: temperature ≤1 ℃; The maximum allowable error is ±0.25%.

2. Vacuum gauge: minimum resolution: vacuum ≤ 0.01Pka; The maximum allowable error is ±0.05%.


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